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For PET filling lines, Nabla provides bottling machines, spare parts, consumables as well as technical service and marketing service.


Nabla provides durable and affordable machines for PET botteling lines throughout processing, blowing, filling, labeling, container treatment, conveying, packing and palletizing.

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Parts & Materials

Nabla provides spare parts and materials for PET bottling lines, in rapid order and delivery from local warehouse with after-sales service.

  1. Spare parts
  2. Consumables: particles, preform, caps, labels, adhisives, lubricants and etc.

Technical Service

Nabla allocates local technical experts in your region to provide technical support from installations to maintenance and breakdown recovery, in rapid response and timely arrival. If necessary, engineers from Nabla's global distinguished technical board will be assigned for trouble shooting on your sites.

Nabla also offers operational advisory service for your business sustainability, and guidance for better production lines investment.

Get your filling lines back to function ASAP

  1. 24 hours on call.
  2. On-site visit in 48 hours
  3. Report issued within 5 working days

NABLA Experts' Expertise

  1. Maintenance and TPMS Servicing
  2. Complete Filling Line Installations and Start Up
  3. Packaging Line Performance Evaluation
  4. Training for your Operators and Engineers
  5. Spare Parts and Service Evaluation
  6. Trouble Shooting and Breakdown Support
  7. Installation of modifications and upgrades
Technical Service


NABLA marketing service is all about landing your business ideas and accelerating sales performance. With the proven marketing know-how, Nabla's marketing experts promotes products and leverage your brand value effectively and creatively, supporting in all stages from packaging design and campaign proposal to execution.

  1. Creative marketing campaign
  1. Packaging design

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