Nabla Solution, a company that provides total packing solutions for carton, PET, glass and aluminium can filling systems, has showcased its product portfolio, covering various formats of packaging materials, advanced processing equipment, filling machines, downstream equipment, spare parts and auxiliaries for different filling systems, as well as technical and marketing services, at Agroprodmash 2023, from 9-13 October. By exhibiting a filling machine, a cap applicator, spare parts, carton packaging materials, caps, membranes and other products at the stand, Nabla demonstrated its quality confidence to international food and beverage producers.

During the exhibition, Nabla has signed a sales contract with one of its international customers for an aseptic carton filling line for 1000ml and 500ml aseptic Brick and Prisma formats, along with essential downstream equipment. The capability of providing machines, equipment, and parts with a state-of-the-art level was well received and highly appreciated by the visitors.

Ever since its establishment, Nabla has been acting as a frontrunner in bringing a new approach to the industry, and it has already spread its business in South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe at a fast pace, providing product and service-based solution to diverse customers in the food and beverage industry.

Quality is at the heart of the products and services that Nabla provides. In order to bring high-quality products to customers, Nabla prioritises quality assurance on behalf of its international customers. Strict quality standards are implemented when Nabla selects potential manufacturing partners. And to further guarantee the quality of the deliverables, Nabla conducts its additional independent quality control and logistic pre-checks by its own QA team and logistic team for every order.

Nabla understands that efficiency is prominent to food and beverage producers. Nabla's localised spare parts supply and global technical network are all about minimising production downtime and optimising operational efficiency for customers. Nabla allocates local technical experts in customers' regions to provide engineering solutions and technical support, from installations to maintenance and breakdown recovery, in rapid response and timely arrival. If necessary, engineers from Nabla's global distinguished technical board will be assigned for troubleshooting on customers' sites.

Nabla also provides marketing services to land business ideas and accelerate sales performance for food and beverage producers. With proven marketing know-how, Nabla supports in all stages for providing an attractive packaging design, marketing campaign proposal and execution, as well as product traceability solution. Nabla's marketing team has designed and implemented creative marketing campaigns that have won prestigious international beverage awards.