Expertise and Responsibility: NABLA Technical Service for Malaysian Dairy Producer

Nabla, as a total packing solution provider for worldwide liquid food producers, recently has provided comprehensive technical service to a leading Malaysian homegrown dairy company following its procurement of aseptic packaging materials from Nabla. With the responsible support, Nabla has guaranteed a smooth production and optimized the efficiency for the customer.

The customer is one of the largest and fastest-growing dairy companies in Malaysia offering naturally wholesome food for the local market as well as overseas consumers. The customer has procured 1L Slim aseptic packaging materials from Nabla for its globally-selling UHT milk product. Steady and efficient production performance is the key for the uniformity of production. Nabla allocated its local and adjacent technical engineers to the customer's site for the adaptability adjustment, ensuring the packaging materials run on the TBA8 filling machine without any issues. 

In the meantime, inspection and maintenance for the customer site has also been carried out by Nabla minimizing production disruption. Some improvement areas have been identified in the filling machine and downstream machines, such as LS sealing, splicing, and packing, which can prevent the machines from normal operation and cause wastage of materials. Thanks to the responsible action from Nabla technical team, the improvements have been implemented by adjusting the setting or components, replacing worn spare parts and cleaning machines, avoiding downtime and wastage. Some potential risks in the production environment and non-standard operations have also been pointed out, and Nabla technical team has provided recommendations to the customer for improvements in regular maintenance.

With years of expertise, Nabla's technicians are capable to implement maintenance and troubleshooting services to solve customers' production and operation problems in a and professional manner, ensuring customers an uninterrupted supply for its product with consistent quality to the market.

Nabla stands ready to bring swift technical service to global liquid food producers with its cross-regional technician resources sharing and coverage, offering on-site support for carton, PET, GLASS, and CAN filling systems. The successful collaboration has reinforced Nabla's commitment to providing customized packing solution to liquid food companies worldwide.